Sunday, May 11, 2008

Review: Lumiere

Jessica Simpson is a funny singer. Pop culture judgments aside, she began as a very disciplined technical singer: good range, on pitch, correct breathing. But she's missing something fundamental. Maybe she'll figure out that imperfection and character makes for a stronger entertainer, Britney may not be the best singer, but girl can put on a show. But what does this have to do with dinner?
Well, Lumiere is great in a lot of ways. It's priced really well for a high-end French restaurant, it's pretty, appealing and is true to form. We had the tasting menu (one with wine pairing and one without) and it was Good. Everything we were served was cooked and seasoned to perfection with flavors that complimented each other and created very harmonious bites in terms of taste and texture.

I have absolutely no complaints, yet I can't help but feel like something was missing. Much like Jessica Simpson's performances, I feel the meal lacked depth, emotion, personality and love. I think French food should evoke feelings of warmth, sensuality and passion, forcing you to rethink the way you've approached food. It should push you to crave, desire and want more because I feel like tasting menus should take me on a journey and to teach me something and to leave me thinking. I'm not likely to remember this as anything but a Very Nice Meal a year from now... is that good or bad?

Either way, it was a Good and technically perfect meal that provided me the opportunity to have wonderfully romantic dinner with my dear boyfriend.