Monday, March 03, 2008

Moving on...

Now that I've completed the culinary arts program:

I don't have to actually keep this blog, but I think I will. Expect a bunch of random posts about food that I'm cooking, eating and/or otherwise consumed with (pun not intended, but greatly enjoyed). I'll probably also pontificate randomly on food to make myself think I'm smart or you know, well-versed on the topic, but don't worry, personal "issues" will be kept on my other blog (it hurts my feelings when).

So, hopefully, this doesn't disappoint. You'll likely see a change in the postings, they'll be less formal and much, MUCH shorter because I'm not expecting a grade from you... I don't need your judgement. Geez.

Anyway, welcome moving on and cleaning up. I'll see you next week. Or maybe sooner.


sangwich said...

I came upon your blog somehow and I wanted to say "good for you" for pursuing your passion for food.
I'm originally from So Cal and am Asian American myself. I live in Boston now and I'm all about food and LOVE eating. I have been looking into different classes, careers in food etc and somehow came across your blog.

Anyhow, good luck with everything.
Btw, was the French Laundry worth it? and..best dim sum in Boston?